Weekly checkin - 2019Q3 Week the First

— 4 minute read

So that's week one down. how did it go?

Kinda mixed but pretty well, to be honest! There's a lot of work going on at the moment so there's some things that are getting left by the wayside a lot more than I'd like, but I'm trying to be reasonable about expectations this time—especially as I also have a lot of time away from home this quarter that I maybe didn't consider when I was making some of these goals. I'll fall off that bridge when I come to it though.

Using TimeTag has worked very nicely so far and I'll keep doing that. There's a temptation to log all the things but I don't want to get overwhelmed and so I am exercising at least some chill.

I'm assessing my OKRs both on how well the week went, and also how confident I feel about hitting the OKR by the end. Scores 0-10 on each. I'm aware this should probably be in a spreadsheet but fight me.

(It probably will be in some kind of custom data type by the end of the quarter entirely because it feels like that would be fun/educational to build. But as a bit of a productivity/planning nerd I'm determined not to fall into the ever-tempting trap of spending so much time on my tools they get in the way of doing actual things)

OK, let's go.

Objective 1: Keep watering the damn flowers permalink

KR1: 1hr studying/upskilling at least once a week permalink

  • Success: 10. Smaaaashed it. 7 hours of tutorials and hacking around, didn't think to count conference talks and podcasts.
  • Confidence Rating: 9

KR2: 3x exercise sessions per week permalink

  • Success: 5. Some walking and some jumping around to Janelle Monae at MIF (aaaaaaaaaa!)
  • Confidence Rating: 5

KR3: Basic house reset & inbox zero every week permalink

  • Success: 8. Pretty good, could have done more though.
  • Confidence Rating: 6

Objective 2: Actually do some stuff for yourself permalink

KR1: Spend 1hr every week on personal projects permalink

  • Success: 10. 3+ hours, mostly on this thing.
  • Confidence Rating: 7

KR2: Make some kind of blog post three times a month permalink

  • Success: 10. See previous post. I've realised this one isn't going to super fit a weekly format.
  • Confidence Rating: 7
  • Success: 6. I'm gonna count getting the blog up and running but that's only 1.
  • Confidence Rating: 7

Objective 3: Get back on the wagon with music permalink

KR1: 60 mins guitar & 60 mins other instrumental practice per week permalink

  • Success: 0. Faaaailed.
  • Confidence Rating: 5

KR2: Finish a track every month permalink

  • Success: 6. Did some recording that I hope I can finish this week.
  • Confidence Rating: 7

KR3: Learn a new folk tune, a new guitar chord sequence and a new unaccompanied song each month permalink

  • Success: 0. Faaaaaaaailed.
  • Confidence Rating: 5

Objective 4: Take ownership of your work permalink

KR1: Use a webdev or design technique you’ve never used before every week permalink

  • Success: 10. Lots of Vue, plus I'd never used Eleventy before.
  • Confidence Rating: 9

KR2: Finish refreshing site and business cards, and keep the site up to date permalink

  • Success: 8. Got this going, ran my card design past a couple of people.
  • Confidence Rating: 7

KR3: 20 freelance pomodoros per week permalink

  • Success: 8. Did about 18, but with a fair amount of non-pomo time as well.
  • Confidence Rating: 7

Next week then... permalink

I'm feeling pretty good about this. There's still a lot going on at the minute but I am finding that knowing I'm gonna have to write about it is making me more conscious of what I am and am not doing.

Good luck with whatever you're working on at the moment!

♥ KT